Thirteen Semifinalists Have Been Selected; Ten Additional Spots Now Open

We have some great news. We've opened 10 additional semifinalist spots in the Babson Breakaway Challenge - the first and only competition to promote gender parity in the venture capital industry, and award $250,000 plus in-kind prizing to a high-potential, women-led business. All semifinalists will be announced on Thursday, September 15, followed by a Demo Day at Boston’s District Hall on Friday, September 23. The Finale event featuring the finalists is on Friday, September 30 at Hynes Convention Center in Boston, in association with HUB Week

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Here is the first round of semifinalists who will compete for the $250,000 prize:

Allergy Amulet          
Abigail Barnes   
Allergy Amulet is a rapid, portable, food allergen detection device. Users insert the disposable test strip into their food and within seconds the reader alerts users to the presence or absence of target allergens.          

Archer Roose 
Marian Leitner            
With great ambition and an adventurous spirit, Archer Roose brings you artisan-quality wine in sensible packaging.

Beantown Bedding   
Joan Ripple    
Beantown Bedding creates Laundry-Free Linens® the first and only luxury disposable sheets.

Brunswick Park         
Jessica Garbarino      
Brunswick Park is a line of performance apparel for the weekday warrior - those among us for whom work and play blend together, who get up early and stay out late.

Abby Speicher      
DARTdrones is a national drone training school offering one day certification. Learn how to fly your drone from true aviators and drone experts.

Energy Harvesters    
Sherry Handel
Energy Harvesters LLC is commercializing a personal electronics mobile power source called the Walking Charger. The Walking Charger allows users to charge the batteries in their mobile electronics devices anytime, anywhere just by walking.

Emily Lagasse
Fedwell is home-style food for healthy pets, crafted with pure ingredients and gently baked to provide optimal nutrition and flavor.

Local + Lejos
Sheeva Sairafi
Local + Lejos is a home decor company bridging communities near and far. They create modern pieces at attainable prices. By delivering unique, handmade goods, they empower artisans to grow a business, preserve cultural traditions, and create sustainable futures for their families.   

Nicole Dagesse          
MyStryde is Boston's first running studio. They offer running and treadmill classes and coaching in a motivating, fitness-filled environment.

Meridith Unger         
Nix is pioneering consumer diagnostics through its disposable biosensor platform. First solution: a real-time wearable hydration sensor.

Red Apple Lunch       
Lisa Farrell
Red Apple Lunch offers healthy school lunches ordered online and delivered to your door.

Roast Beast   
Amber Alagich           
Roast Beast is a no-frills sandwich spot specializing in roast beef & turkey, with a variety of sauces.

Andrea Jackson         
Xandeva provides parents the easiest platform to search and coordinate their kids enrichment activities.