How has your business changed and evolved since you first conceived of the idea?

When I first started Fedwell I assumed that the majority of my sales would happen in the retail channel as that's how 99% of pet food is sold. After being in the market for a few months, however, I found that the majority of my sales were happening online. It was an unexpected shift, and has meant a change not only in focus, but in marketing strategy and the team necessary to make it happen.

If you could give one piece of advice to another woman (or man) in the early stages of a venture, what would it be?

I would echo the sentiment of many entrepreneurs who have come before me: fail fast! It takes a lot of energy to find a working and repeatable model, and the sooner you can figure out what direction to go in, the more energy (and money) you'll save! Also: run tests and measure everything to give you a better sense of what's working!

How do you deal with ambiguity or fear?

I wish there was an easy answer to this question! I have learned that the deeper you get into your venture, the clearer the direction becomes, which builds confidence and helps lessen the fear and ambiguity. Even still, there will always be some fear and ambiguity around certain milestones or next steps, but it helps to talk to entrepreneurs who are going through similar challenges.