Beantown Bedding

Beantown Bedding, a Boston based, women owned startup, has pioneered the disposable textiles category with its line of Laundry-free Linens®.  These luxury disposable sheets are a convenient and sustainable alternative to laundering, and are now touted as The College Bedding Solution. The creative play on comfort, convenience, hygiene and sustainability has earned Beantown Bedding national attention from USA Today, the View, the Today Show and numerous other media channels.   Beantown Bedding is a 2013 MassChallenge company and a 2014 INDA Visionary Award finalist. Beantown Bedding is also happy to announce its most recent partnership with Fenway Sports Management, effective May 2016, to “fully maximize and leverage the collegiate space”.

If you could pinpoint one moment or event that started you on the path to building your business, what would it be?

The light bulb went off for us after we searched for disposable sheets to send to our kids in college and discovered there was nothing available that suited our needs. We decided to create our own line and make it available to college kids everywhere.

How has your business changed and evolved since you first conceived of the idea?

Our original business plan called for a retail consumer focus upon launch.  Almost immediately, we pivoted to B2B due to an unexpected opportunity to sell large volumes to universities around the country for their conferences and events. Now that we have good traction in the university wholesale market, we are building our brand as “THE College Bedding Solution” for businesses AND retail consumers, with the help of our new partner, Fenway Sports Management.    

How do you deal with uncertainty and fear?  

There’s no greater motivator than fear.  Since entrepreneurs are often in survival mode, the fear of failure is what drives eventual success.  Such fear has forced us out of our comfort zone and we often surprise ourselves with what we are able to accomplish when the future of the company is on the line.   As our company grows and we face new uncertainties and risks, we have learned that the greater the fear, the tougher we get.  That is what defines the exhilaration of entrepreneurship.