MyStryde brings the boutique fitness experience to runners. We provide an encouraging, motivating group running environment where you can push yourself to run faster, smarter, and stronger at any pace with our high energy classes and certified running coaches. Stryde on!

What motivates you day in and day out?

I never imaged what a positive impact MyStryde could have on people. When customers leave and say "that's the farthest I've ever ran", or "thanks to MyStryde I've shaved 30 seconds off my half marathon pace", it's hard to believe my dream has helped them reach their dreams. Not only is a great to have a positive, fun, upbeat business - but seeing customers every day reaching their goals makes me want to make MyStryde better and better every day. It's truly amazing how running can effect your life, and I see it every day, and I'm so lucky to be able to share my passion with all of Boston!

If you could pinpoint one moment or event that started you on the path to building your business, what would it be?

I came up with the idea of MyStryde one day at the gym. I'll never forget, I stepped on the treadmill but couldn't motivate myself to do the 7 mile tempo run I had planned for that day. Instead, I went to the spin class that was just starting. After, I thought to myself how awesome it would be if there was a running class similar to a spin class. I went home and googled for hours, and found nothing. That was the evening I decided my dream was to open MyStryde. It was a random thought related to my passion, and the fact that I've been able to accomplish, and live out my dream still surprised me each and every day. It''s a crazy roller coaster but I love every second of it.

How do you deal with ambiguity or fear?

I've learned that fear is what holds people back. Most people are terrified to face their fears, and I am often a culprit of that. However, having taken this risk with MyStryde, I've realized you need to trust your gut, take the risk, and face your fear and keep pushing forward. Run at that fear like it's the finish line of a race, and don't stop until you're past it.The worst case scenario is usually failure. And a lot of times you learn more from failure than success...failure is a step forward. So whatever reservations or fear you may have, you might as well keep pushing on because no matter the outcome, good or bad, you'll learn something and be more prepared for the future.